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Overlord Biography

In feudalism, an overlord was a lord having authority over other lords.Overlord may also refer to:In military history: Operation Overlord (codename for the Battle of Normandy), the invasion of Normandy by Allied forces during World War II Overlord In fiction: Overlord , a comic-book supervillain created by Erik Larsen Overlord , a Transformers character Overlord , a non-human species in the book Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke "Invasion of the Capital" / "Over Lord", an episode of the TV series RahXephon with an operation named after the Battle of Normandy. Dark Lord (also known as "Evil Overlord"), in fiction, a powerful villain with evil henchmen In the Disgaea games, Anime, and manga, an Overlord is a demon in charge of a netherworld of its own. In video gaming: Overlord (called Supremacy in Europe), a 1991 strategy computer game Overlord , a strategy game for the NES, port of the 1990 computer game Overlord , a World War II flight simulator for the Amiga and

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overlord
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