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The Outcasts are a fictional criminal organization from the Digital Anvil/Microsoft game Freelancer.Based on the planet Malta, the Outcasts are the descendants of colonists from the sleeper ship Hispania. As a result of an unspecified internal malfunction (rumored to be sabotage), the "Hispania" arrived in the Sirius sector considerably behind the other four sleeper ships. During the extended flight, about half of the colonists on board elected to jump ship and search for a habitable planet using the escape rafts, while the other half elected to remain with their vessel. (Seeing as the Hispania was a sleeper ship, with the entirety, or at least the bulk of the crew stored in cryogenic suspended animation, exactly how this vote was taken is unclear.)The Outcasts are the descendants of the faction who remained with the vessel, which eventually entered orbit around a planet on the eastern fringe of Sirius, near the Edge Nebula. This being the only habitable planet for light years around,

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outcasts
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