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Oswald Biography

Oswald can refer to: Persons Oswald as given name Oswald Avery, a physician, medical researcher and early molecular biologist Oswald Achenbach, a German landscape painter Oswald Balzer, a Polish historian Oswald Boelcke, German flying ace of the First World War Oswald Chambers, a nineteenth century Scottish Protestant Christian writer and speaker Oswald Garrison Villard, an American journalist Oswald Heer, Swiss geologist and naturalist Oswald Karch, a Formula One driver from Germany Oswald Lohse, a German astronomer Oswald Mazengarb, a New Zealand magistrate Oswald Mosley, 6th Baronet, founder of the British Union of Fascists Oswald Myconius, follower of Huldrych Zwingli Oswald of Northumbria, King of Northumbria in the 7th century Saint Oswald, Archbishop of York, from the 10th century Oswald Pohl, Nazi officer and member of the SS Oswald Spengler, a German historian and philosopher Oswald Stoll, an Australian theater manager Oswald Szemerényi, a linguist Oswald Teichmüller,

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oswald
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