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Ogham () is an Early Medieval alphabet used primarily to represent the "Old Irish" language. Ogham is sometimes referred to as the "Celtic Tree Alphabet". The word is pronounced in Old Irish and or in Modern Irish. Origins Evolution Use of "classical" Ogham in stone seems to have flowered in the 5th?6th centuries around the Irish Sea.In Ireland and in Wales, the language of the inscriptions of this period is termed Primitive Irish. The transition to Old Irish, the language of the earliest sources in the Latin alphabet, takes place in about the 6th century. Since Ogham inscriptions consist almost exclusively of personal names and marks possibly indicating land ownership, linguistic information that may be glimpsed from the Primitive Irish period is mostly restricted to phonological developments. From phonological evidence, it is clear that the alphabet predates the 5th century. A period of writing on wood or other perishable material prior to the preserved monumental inscriptio

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ogam
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