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is the name of a putative West Germanic goddess. The Venerable Bede described the worship of Eostre among the Anglo-Saxons as having died out by the time he began writing his Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum. Jacob Grimm referred to Bede when he proposed an equivalent Old High German name, , in his Deutsche Mythologie.Bede's testimony of this goddess is isolated; the only comparable material of Germanic mythology is found in terms for "East" (Icelandic Austri) and in the Germanic name of Easter. The connection with "East" makes it probable that the name Eostre is derived from that of the the Proto-Indo-European dawn goddess , cognate to Greek Eos and Indian Ushas. Bede's account of Eostre According to Bede (c. 672 - 735), writing in De temporum ratione ("On the Reckoning of Time"), Ch. xv, De mensibus Anglorum ("The English months") [1], the word "Easter" is derived from Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, to whom Eostur-monath, corresponding to our month of April (Lat

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oestre
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