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Numen ("presence", plural numina) is a Latin term for the power of either a deity or a spirit that informs places and objects in Roman religion. The multiplication of names for Italic gods may obscure this sense of numinous presence in all the mundane actions of the natural world.The word was also used for the imperial cult of ancient Rome, to refer to the guardian-spirit, 'godhead' or divine power of a living emperor - in other words, a means of worshipping a living emperor without literally calling him a god (which was a problem under the Roman system).The word numen is also used by sociologists to refer to the idea of magical power residing in an object, particularly when writing about ideas in the western tradition. When used in this sense, numen is nearly synonymous with mana. However, some authors reserve use of mana for ideas about magic from Polynesia and southeast Asia.Note that etymologically the Latin word numen originally and literally meant "nodding." It has the sense of

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