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Nous (, Greek: or ) is a philosophical term for mind or intellect. Outside of a philosophical context, it is used, in English, to denote "common sense," with a different pronunciation (). Overview of usage by ancient Greeks The word nous is somewhat ambiguous, a result of being appropriated by successive philosophers to designate very different concepts. Homer used nous to signify mental activities in general, but in the pre-Socratics it became increasingly identified with knowledge and with reason as opposed to sense perception. Anaxagoras's nous was a mechanical ordering force that formed the world out of an original chaos. It began the development of the cosmos. Plato described it as the immortal, rational part of the soul. It is a godlike kind of thinking in which the truths of conclusions are immediately known without having to understand the preliminary premises. Aristotle asserted that nous was the intellect, as distinguished from sense perception. He divided it into an act

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