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at the foot of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world. Beneath them is the Well of Urðr (well of fate) with the two swans that have engendered all the swans in the world.]]The norns (Old Norse: norn, plural: nornir) are a kind of dísir,The article Dis in Nordisk familjebok (1907). numerous female beings who rule the fates of the various races of Norse mythology (The Fates). An English tradition talks of the Weird Sisters, (sometimes Wyrd Sisters or Three Weird Sisters), where Wyrd is the English form of Urðr, one of the named norns, whose name means itself "fate".According to Snorri Sturluson's interpretation of the Völuspá, the three most important norns, Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld come out from a hall standing at the Well of Urðr (well of fate) and they draw water from the well and take sand that lies around it, which they pour over the ash Yggdrasill so that its branches will not rot.The article Nornor in Nordisk familjebok (1913). These norns are described as three powerful

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