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Nonsense is an utterance or written text in what appears to be a human language or other symbolic system, that does not in fact carry any identifiable meaning. Nonsense categories Nonsense can be considered as noise.It comes in 4 categories:1. Semantic nonsense. the use of wrong, distorted, mis-interpreted, self-invented or non-existing words. not making sense2. Syntactic nonsense, words put together in a way that does not make sense or gives non-intended meaning.3. Contra-factual nonsense, are statements that deviate from facts. When known by the writer or utterer to be false, also called lies.4. Ideo-intentionalistic or self-promoting nonsense, half truths or "as the devil reads the bible", statements that are designed to amplify certain facts (and ignores, hides or denies other related facts) to suit specific (normally personal) goals. Distinguishing sense from nonsense While Emily Dickinson wrote that: Much madness is divinest Sense :To the discerning Eye? The problem lies

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Deep In Hate
La Vapeur -  Dijon

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