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Nocturna is a DC Comics character. Her main enemy is Batman. She first appeared in Detective Comics #529 (August 1983). History (Pre-Crisis) Natalia Knight had a hard childhood. She grew up on the streets as a beggar. She was eventually found and taken in by Charles Knight who became her adoptive father where she lived the life of luxury.She has a passion for astronomy and the night and eventually found a job at Gotham City Observatory but whilst working there one night she became victim to a radioactive laser which drained her skin of all pigment leaving it a pale color. It also rendered her sensitive to light.After Charles Knight was murdered, she discovered that her lifestyle was funded by criminal activity. It was then that she met Charles' son, Anton who fell in love with her. They both decided to keep the inheritance and took it upon themselves to keep them in the lifestyle they grew accustomed to by burglary since Natalia needed expensive medical equipment to treat her pigment

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Nocturna 9/21
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