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The Barraki are the main villains of the 2007 Legends arc of the LEGO Bionicle storyline. In the storyline, they were defeated and banished to the Pit about 80,000 years prior to the storyline's current events. 1000 years prior to the story's current events, their prison was flooded, and they escaped into the surrounding underwater area, mutating into beings with characteristics of ocean creatures in order to survive. The 2007 Legends arc has the Barraki pitted against the Toa Mahri in a battle for the Ignika. The term "Barraki" is the Matoran word for "warlord". Character history Over 80,000 years before the story's setting, most of the Bionicle world was under control of six Barraki warlords. Eventually, the leaders of the northwest and eastern empires, Pridak and Takadox, made an alliance with each other. The northeast empire of Kalmah was forced to join or be cut off from the rest of the world, and the other three Barraki - Ehlek, Carapar, and Mantax - soon joined as well. Toge

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