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The German Nibelungen and the corresponding Old Norse form Niflung (Niflungr) is the name in Germanic and Norse mythology of the royal family or lineage of the Burgundians who settled at Worms. The vast wealth of the Burgundians is often referred to as the Niblung or Niflung hoard. In some German texts Nibelung appears instead as one of the supposed original owners of that hoard, either the name of one of the kings of a people known as the Nibelungs, or in variant form Nybling, as the name of a dwarf. In Richard Wagner's opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, Nibelung is used to mean "dwarf". In Waltharius The earliest probable surviving mention of the name is in the Latin poem Waltharius (lines 555–6) in which Walter, seeing Guntharius (Gunther) and his men approaching says (in the Chronicon Novaliciense text, usually taken to be the oldest):"Non assunt Avares hic, sed Franci Nivilones,cultures regionis."The translation is: "These are not Avars, but Frank Nivilons, inhabitants o

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