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Neron is a fictional character in the DC Comics' universe. Neron was a demon prince of great power, though he has been reduced to a lower station due to his actions. His name is based on a reading of 666 as meaning "Neron Caesar" in Gematria numerology. Like Marvel Comics' Mephisto character, Neron is generally accepted as the DC Universe's version of The Devil, however some writers and stories have contradicted this notion. History During the Underworld Unleashed story arc, Neron enhanced dozens of supervillains (and a few superheroes) in exchange for their immortal souls and indoing so granted them with exponential proweses. He did so by 'tempting' them - offering something the victim would feel would be his or her heart's desire, in exchange for their soul (for example, when attempting to tempt Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, he offered to bring back his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, from the dead). Neron was also responsible for the deaths of both Wonder Woman and the alien despot

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