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A human need can be defined either psychologically or objectively. These may be connected: the non-satisfaction of an objective need -- the failure to "pay" a cost of being a human -- is likely perceived by the needy as a "felt need." On the other hand, the specific manifestation of objective needs is defined by individual preferences and psychology: the need for food can appear in many different ways. Psychological Definition First, to most psychologists, a need is as a psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a goal and the reason for the action, giving purpose and direction to behavior!The most widely known academic model of needs was proposed by the psychologist Abraham Maslow. In his theory, he proposed that people have a hierarchy of psychological needs, which range from security to self-actualization. However, while this model is intuitively appealing, it has been difficult to operationalize it experimentally. It was further developed by Clayton Alderf

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