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The Nazarenes (Hebrew: Netzarim, ?????) were an early Jewish Christian sect similar to the Ebionites, in that they maintained their adherence to the Torah, but, unlike the Ebionites, also accepted the virgin birth and divinity of Jesus. Derivation of Nazarene According to the standard reference for Koine Greek, the Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich-Danker, University of Chicago Press, 2nd ed., 1979: /Nazoraios (plural: Nazoraioi) is translated into English as: "Nazoraean, Nazarene, quite predominantly a designation of Jesus, in Mt, J, Ac and Lk 18:37, while Mk has from Nazareth. Of the two places where the later form occurs in Lk, the one, Lk 4:34, apparently comes from Mk (1:24), the other, 24:19, perhaps from a special source. Where the author of Lk-Ac writes without influence from another source he uses . Mt says expressely 2:23 that Jesus was so called because he grew up in Nazareth. In addition, the other NT writers who call Jesus know Nazareth

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