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Myriad is a classical Greek name for the number 104 = 10 000. In modern English the word refers to an unspecified large quantity.The term myriad is a progression in the commonly used system of describing numbers using tens and hundreds. Small numbers are named in terms of number of tens plus the remainder; for example 76 is seven tens plus six. Numbers larger than ten tens require a new description, a hundred. Thus, 1776 is seventeen hundred and seventy six. Similarly one hundred hundred is a myriad. A myriad myriad, or one hundred million, was left as the largest named number by the Ancient Greeks and is also the largest named number in the Bible.A myriad is primarily a singular cardinal number; just as the "thousand" in "four thousand" is singular (one does not write "four thousands people") the word myriad is used in the same way: "there are four myriad people outside". When used as a noun, meaning "a large number", it follows the same rules as that phrase. However, that

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