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Moussaka ([1]; ; ; ; ; South Slavic: ??????/?musaka; ; musaqqaa) is a traditional eggplant (aubergine)-based dish in the Balkans and the Middle East, but most closely associated with Greece and Turkey. The word moussaka is from the Arabic musaqqa?a "chilled"[2], but came into English via the Greek. The Greek version, which is the best-known outside the region, traditionally consists of layers of ground (minced) lamb or red meat, sliced eggplant and tomato, topped with a white sauce and baked. Turkish Musakka, unlike the Greek version, is not layered. Instead, it is prepared with sautÊed and fried eggplants, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, and minced meat. It is eaten with Cac?k and Pilav. There are also variants with zucchini (courgette), carrots and potatoes. In the Arab world, moussaka is a cooked salad made up primarily of tomatoes and eggplant, similar to Italian caponata, and is usually served cold as a mezze dish. The Macedonian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and

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