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Mud Biography

Mud is a liquid or semi-liquid mixture of water and some combination of soil, silt, and clay. Ancient mud deposits harden over geological time to form siltstone or solid, mudrock lutites. When geological deposits of mud are formed in estuaries the resultant layers are termed bay muds. Mud is closely related to slurry and sediment.Mud, in the construction industry, refers to wet plaster, stucco, cement or other similar substances.In ceramics, the making of liquid mud (called slip) is a stage in the process of refinement of the materials, since larger particles will settle out of the liquid.Mud is similar to muck, but lacking significant quantities of humus, and often containing higher proportions of sand. Mud as a habitat Mud can provide a home for numerous types of animals, including varieties of worms, frogs, snails, clams, and crayfish. Other animals, such as pigs and elephants bathe in mud in order to cool off and protect themselves from the sun. Problems with mud Clay soil ca

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    Nessun brano in archivio per l'artista

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Kreativfabrik -  Wiesbaden

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