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Ms. John Soda is an electropop band from Weilheim (Germany). Their members are Stefanie Böhm (keyboards for Munich-based instrumental band Couch) singing, and Michael Acher (core member of The Notwist and Tied and Tickled Trio) the main composer and programmer of the songs. Discography Drop = Scene (September, 2002) 1. Go Check 2. Done Twice 3. Solid Ground (piano Version) 4. Elusive RMX No P. Or D (October, 2002) 1. Technicolor 2. Misco 3. Go Check 4. Solid Ground 5. By Twos 6. Unsleeping 7. Hiding / Fading 8. Elusive 9. Solid Ground (piano version) (bonus track) While Talking (EP) (October 2003) 1. No.One 2. Sometimes Stop,Sometimes Go 3. I & # 8217 4. If Someone Would Know 5. I Think It Could Work, Marylin This EP is somewhat less melodic and more experimental. I & # 8217 is a remix medley of tracks from the album No P. or D. by anticon. member Subtle. Notes and the Like (March 2006) 1. A Nod on Hold 2. Hands 3. Scan the Ways 4. A Million Times 5. Nº One 6. Outlined View

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