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This page is a list of residents in South Park. This does not include family members, school staff, the children, minor characters or one-off characters. Big Gay Al Big Gay Al (voiced by Matt Stone) is a stereotypical homosexual man known for his flamboyant and positive demeanour. For example, he almost always responds to the greeting "How are you?" with an upbeat "I'm super! Thanks for asking!" At one point in the show, he runs an animal farm for gay animals who have been rejected by homophobic pet owners. He temporarily adopted Sparky, Stan's gay dog, who had run away from home. Later on in the episode, his large shelter vanishes, but the various animals remained, and were adopted by their former owners who had missed them greatly. Ever since, he has been a particularly good friend to Stan.He had a minor role in Bigger, Longer and Uncut, where it is revealed he is in fact a celebrity. He was the co-host and an entertainer at the troops' USO show where he even had his own musical n

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