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Motive or motif are terms that turn up in many different forms in literature and other creative works, as well as other fields such as business and law.A motif may be a recurring fragment, theme or pattern in a creative work: Motif , a perceivable or salient recurring fragment or succession of notes. Motif , any recurring element in a story that has symbolic significance. Motif , a recurrent theme or pattern. Motif , element of a move in the consideration why the piece moves and how it supports the fulfillment of the problem stipulation. In mathematics: Motive . In biochemistry: Sequence motif, a sequence pattern of nucleotides in a DNA sequence or amino acids in a protein. Structural motif, a pattern in a protein structure formed by the spatial arrangement of amino acids. A repeating pattern of elements in a crystal structure. A motive may relate to intent: Motive , in criminal law. Base motive, in psychology. See also motivation. In music: Motive , 1990 album

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