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A moroi (sometimes moroii in modern fiction; pl. moroi) is a type of vampire or ghost in Romanian folklore. A female moroi is called a moroaic? (pl. moroaice). In some versions, a moroi is a phantom of a dead person which leaves the grave to draw energy from the living.Moroi are often synonymous with these other figures in Romanian folklore: strigoi (another type of vampire), vârcolac (werewolf or goblin), or pricolici (werewolf).They are also sometimes referred to in modern myth as the live-born offspring of two strigoi. It may signify an infant who died before being baptised.The origins of the term moroi are unclear, but it is thought by the Romanian AcademyNoul dic?ionar explicativ al limbii Române, Bucharest: Litera Interna?ional, 2002. ISBN 9738358043* moroi in Dic?ionarul explicativ al limbii Române, Academia Român?, 1998 to have possibly originated from the Old Slavonic word mora ("nightmare"). Fiction In fiction, based on the folklore of Romania, though with a number of m

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