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A morgue or mortuary is a building or room (as in a hospital) used for the storage of human remains.Morgue is predominantly used in North American English, whilst mortuary is more common in British English. (Mortuary is also often synonymous with funeral home in American English.) The euphemism "Rose Cottage" is widely used in British hospitals to enable discussion in front of patients, relatives and visitors without disturbing them, although in this day and age, the term is not encouraged. The term morgue is derived from French morguer, which means 'to look at solemnly, to defy'. The term was first used to describe the inner wicket of a prison, where prisoners were kept for some time, during which the jailers and turnkeys would spend time looking at the prisoners so that they would be able to recognize them. Relating to dead people, the name was first given to a building in Paris, which, in the middle of the fifth century, was part of the Châtelet and was used for the keeping and id

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