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In geography, a marsh, or morass, is a type of wetland which is subject to frequent or continuous inundation. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Characterization of marshes Typically a marsh features grass, rush, reeds, typhas, sedge, and other herbaceous plants (possibly with low-growing woody plants) in a context of shallow water. A marsh is different from a swamp, which has a greater proportion of open water surface, and is generally deeper than a marsh. In North America, the term swamp is used for wetland dominated by trees rather than grasses and low herbs.The water of a marsh can be fresh, brackish or saline. Coastal marshes may be associated with estuaries and along waterways between coastal barrier islands and the inner coast. The estuarine marsh, or tidal marsh, is often based on soils consisting of sandy bottoms or bay muds. An example is the Tantramar Marsh of eastern Canada.Below water decomposition processes often produce marsh gas, which may through self-ignition mani

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