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Moon Child is a movie starring Gackt Camui (formerly of Malice Mizer) and Hyde (L'Arc~en~Ciel), Zeny Kwok and Wang Leehom . It is set in the world of the near future, where an orphan and a vampire form a friendship that is put to test by a gang ravaging the city. In this movie, Sho (Gackt) falls in love with a girl named Yi-Che, who was mute since she was little, and in turn she falls in love with Kei (Hyde). This story takes place in a fictional city called Mallepa. It was filmed in Taiwan. Plot summary In the year 2014, Japan suffers a major economical collapse and people are forced to emigrate to nearby mainland China. In the mainland there is a city called Mallepa, where living conditions are stable. In this city three young orphans ? Sho (Gackt), Shinji (Sho's older brother) and Toshi, around the ages of eight to twelve ? sustain themselves through pocket-picking and other petty crimes. While robbing a gangster, Sho meets Kei (Hyde), a vampire on the brink of death. Sho saves hi

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