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A monster is any of a large number of legendary creatures that usually appear in mythology, legend, and horror fiction. The word originates from the ancient Latin monstrum, meaning "omen", from the root of monere, "to warn", and also meaning "prodigy" or "miracle". versus the Dragon, by Gustave Moreau (1880)]]The term "monster" is a being or creature that is different from the normal set of natural (in its nature) standards of the ecosystem that can cause the system to collapse. Usually characterized by an ability to destroy human life or humanity, more than an abide to the "survival of the fittest" natural law or innate evil. A person referred to as a monster is taken as exceptionally evil, grotesque, unreasonably strict and uncaring, sociopathic, and/or sadistic. The word monster means something that comes from the evil: example a monstruous person is: either a very evil person or a hideous person or even someone that should not exist, that is an error of nature. Social concept Mon

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