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"Misbegotten" (Part 3 of 3) is an episode of the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis. Plot In this episode the IOA agent Richard Woolsey is assigned to review whether or not Dr. Weir should maintain her command of Atlantis.Having successfully used the Wraith retrovirus to turn an entire hive ship of Wraith into humans, the team returns to Atlantis with their prisoners in stasis. Meanwhile, Weir continues to defend her leadership in the face of an independent review being conducted by I.O.A. member Richard Woolsey.Examining the hive ship that the team hijacked in an attempt to restore it to full working condition, Dr. McKay determines that the Wraith prisoners cannot continue to be held in stasis indefinitely. The team decides the best thing to do is to set them free on a planet under the guise that they were exposed to a viral outbreak.Col. Sheppard and Dr. Beckett remain on the planet to manage the human-form Wraith, including a re-humanized Michael (Connor Trinn

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misbegotten
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