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, 1896]]Minerva, known also as Pallas Athena in Greek mythology, was a Roman goddess. She was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts, and the inventor of music. Coded Encounters: Writing, Gender, and Ethnicity in Colonial Latin America By Francisco J. Cevallos Candau, page 215This article focuses on Minerva in early Rome and in cultic practice. For information on literary mythological accounts of Minerva, which were heavily influenced by Greek mythology, see Pallas Athena where she is one of three virgin goddesses along with Artemis and Hestia. Etruscan Menrva The name "Minerva" is likely imported from the Etruscans who called her Menrva. In Etruscan mythology, Menrva was the goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce. She was the Etruscan counterpart to Greek Athena and to Roman Minerva. Like Athena, Menrva was born from the head of her father, Tinia.In Etruscan mythology, Menrva was the goddess of wisdom, war, art, scho

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minerva
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