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The term Men in Black (MIB), in popular culture, is used in UFO conspiracy theories to describe men dressed in black suits, sometimes with glowing eyes or other monstrous features, claiming to be government agent who attempt to harass or threaten UFO witnesses into silence. "All MIB are not necessarily garbed in dark suits," writes American writer Jerome Clark. "The term is a generic one, used to refer to any unusual, threatening or strangely behaved individual whose appearance on the scene can be linked in some fashion with a UFO sighting." Clark, Jerome (1996). The UFO Encyclopedia, volume 3: High Strangeness, UFO?s from 1960 through 1979. Omnigraphis. 317-18.The phenomenon was initially and most frequently reported in the 1950s and 1960s; it is contemporaneous with many other conspiracy theories. The MIB supposedly intimidated a reporter in Pinewood, West Virginia to stop writing articles in newspapers about the MIB's presence in Pinewood. Pinewood was near the area where alleged si

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