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Melky Sedeck is an R&B hip hop sibling duo of Haitian-American descent. The name of the group is drawn from the first names of singer Blandinna Melky Jean, and her multi-instrumentalist brother, Farel Sedeck Guerschom Jean. The name of the group (and of the siblings) is an allusion to Melchizedek, a figure from Christian and Jewish tradition. Both artists are younger siblings of Wyclef Jean.Sedeck and Melky got their big break in 1995, when they collaborated with Darryll "Day" Pearson on "I've Got a Love Jones For You," a hit single which ended up on the soundtrack for Love Jones. The track was Melky and Sedeck's first official recording as part of the Refugee Camp and their maiden single; they also performed on the Love Jones package tour.After an intense bidding war, Melky and Sedeck signed with MCA records and released their debut LP in 1999, which was entitled Sister & Brother; it featured tracks which involved collaborations with Pearson and Supreme C.As performers at 1999's Lilit

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