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Melatonin, 5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine, is a hormone found in all living creatures from algae to humans, at levels that vary in a daily cycle.Many biological effects of melatonin are produced through activation of melatonin receptors, while others are due to its role as a pervasive and extremely powerful antioxidant with a particular role in the protection of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.Products containing either or both of isolated or synthesized melatonin have been available as a health supplement in the United States starting in 1993, and met with good consumer acceptance and enthusiasm. However, over-the-counter sales remain illegal in many other countries including the members of the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand. Production In higher animals, melatonin is produced by pinealocytes in the pineal gland (located in the brain) and also by the retina, lens and GI tract. It is naturally synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan (via synthesis of serotonin) by the enzy

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