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Meganoidi Biography

Meganoidi is an Italian group from Genoa characterized by the choice of artistic independence and self-production. Born with great influences ska-core veined of punk, the band has changed over the years style until now lead to progressive rock. Biography The group was formed in 1997 in Genoa, borrowing its name from the foes' name in the Italian translation of Daitarn 3 (We Meganoidi are those who / no longer win battles against Daitarn 3 / ...). The group was composed of four elements, voice, guitar, bass and drums, and included a trumpet the next year. In the same year, leaving their first demos, Comics vs. Municipal composed five songs.Three years later, in addition to training a saxophonist and a percussionist (Francis "Cisco" Roberto), the band made the first album Into the Darkness, Into the Fashion. This album reveals influences of ska punk or ska-core and punk rock.King of ska e Supereroi, extracted from the single Into the Darkness, Into the Fashion, became the theme for t

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