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A Mechina (Hebrew: ?????; "preparatory") is an Israeli educational institution for post-secondary youth, aimed at preparing them either for their army or national service, or for entrance to an institution of higher education in Israel. The duration of a mechina is generally one academic year. Pre-Army Mechinot There are three types of pre-army mechinot (Hebrew for plural of mechina): Religious Secular Joint Religious and Secular Religious Pre-Army Mechina A religious mechina is intended for graduates of a Yeshiva high school, and prepares them for their service in the Israel Defense Forces. Focus is placed on preparing them for the encounter with secular society in the army by studying Jewish thought, beliefs and outlooks. Students also prepare physically for their service period and receive leadership training from active-duty officers.The first religious mechina, Bnei David, was founded in 1988 in Eli.Other religious mechinot: Ateret Cohanim Amit Rosh Pina in Rosh Pinn

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