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"The Mechanix" is a song written by Dave Mustaine. It was used on No Life 'Til Leather, Metallica's demo. The lyrics refer to a horny automotive mechanic who wants to have his way with a female customer. When Mustaine was kicked out, Metallica changed the lyrics to write "The Four Horsemen" but still gave Mustaine credit for the song. The new lyrics refer to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.Mustaine released the song with its original lyrics a year later on Megadeth's first album. However, it was not as long as "The Four Horsemen", which had an added bridge into the song making it over seven minutes long, while "The Mechanix" remained around four and half minutes long. "Mechanix" is played at twice the speed of Metallica's version of the song.In the original version of the song, Mustaine screams "Fuck yeah!" at 3:07; however, on the greatest hits album, this was cut out.The different versions of the song are as follows: The Mechanix - Metallica - Power Metal - 1982 The Mechanix -

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