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MDC can stand for: 1600, a Roman numeral macrophage-derived chemokine -In Biology, MDC is a member of chemokine family genes. Major Diagnostic Category Manado Airport, also known as Sam Ratulangi Airport in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Mapped Diagnostic Context, used in distributed computer systems to distinguish logging information from different sources sent to a single place of storage MDC - a hardcore punk band from the early 1980s. MDC-600 and MDC-1200, an AFSK mobile data format used in Motorola two-way radios. Mega-Damage Capacity, a measure of the toughness and structural integrity of armored vehicles in the Palladium_Books role-playing system MetaData Coalition - see metadata Metropolitan Detention Center Metropolitan District Commission, now part of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, a former agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts responsible for roadways and parks in and around the Boston metropolitan area Miami-Dade College, located in Miami

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    Nessun brano in archivio per l'artista

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