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The Mayfield Four (a.k.a. MF4) was a rock band formed in Spokane, Washington in 1996. The band officially split in 2002. History The Mayfield Four was formed in the middle of 1996 in Spokane, Washington by four childhood friends that shared a mutual love for music and performing. They were Myles Kennedy (lead vocals - lead guitar), Craig Johnson (rhythm guitar), Marty Meisner (bass guitar), and Zia Uddin (drums). During the Fall of 1996, the band recorded a demo titled Thirty Two Point Five Hours which quickly caught the attention of numerous music industry professionals and a bidding war ensued amongst several prominent record companies, yielding an offer from Epic Records.Once under contract with Epic, they released a live EP called Motion in late 1997. In Late-May of the following year they released their first full-length studio album titled Fallout. The album was praised by critics, and the band went on a rigorous 15-month promotional tour opening for such bands as; Creed, Eve

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