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Massimo "Max" Pezzali (b. Pavia, 14 November 1967) is well known by Italians to have been the voice, and main song writer of the music pop group "883". He released his first solo album in 2004 , "Il Mondo Insieme A Te". The album was a huge success and from then on Pezzali decided to continue his work as a solo artist. Early life Max Pezzali was born on the 14th November 1967 in Pavia, Italy. His parents owned a florists near the family home. During his high school years Pezzali was held back for one year because he did not achieve the required pass grades. It was in this class that he would meet his friend and future band mate, Mauro Repetto. Pezzali and Repetto both shared a love for rock and roll music and it was this which led to the initial idea of starting a band. Together they went on holiday to USA. During their stay they purchased a cheap synthesizer, a drumkit and some American CDs, and on their return to Pavia, immediately began writing music with it. 883 Being a big

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