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Maximus is a name formed from the Latin term for "greatest" or "largest." It is therefore also a common noun, and may refer to any of the following: People in the Ancient World Politicians Pupienus, also called Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus, joint Roman Emperor with Balbinus around 238 A.D. Fabius Maximus, Punic War general Magnus Maximus, Roman Emperor in the west, 383-388 Maximus of Hispania, a Roman usurper (409-411) in the Iberian Peninsula Pontifex Maximus, high priest of the Ancient Roman College of Pontiffs Maximus, a lieutenant or governor under Valens in Moesia, immediately prior to the Gothic Wars. Authors & philosophers Claudius Maximus, Stoic philosopher and teacher of Marcus Aurelius. Ibn Arabi, Muslim mystic and philosopher also called Doctor Maximus Maximus of Tyre, a 2nd-century Greek philosopher and rhetorician Maximus of Ephesus, a 4th-century philosopher Valerius Maximus, writer and historian Saints Saint Maximus , (d. 250), an Asi

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