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Matthew Jay (10 October 1978 ? 25 September 2003) was an English singer-songwriter, who was often likened to artists such as Nick Drake, Badly Drawn Boy, and Jeff Buckley. The son of two folk musicians, he was born in Plymouth, England, and spent much of his childhood in Abergavenny, Wales. Career Jay began song writing in earnest aged 15, and at this time his primary influences included The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie and The Beach Boys.In 1999, aged 20, he produced a demo of original songs, recorded with his older brother Eddy. This secured him a record deal with EMI-backed Food Records, and led to the commercial releases in 2000 of the critically acclaimed EPs Four Songs and Friendly Fire.The next release was the debut album Draw, from which three singles were taken: "Let Your Shoulder Fall", "Please Don?t Send Me Away", and the infectiously cheery "Call My Name Out".It was the haunting "Please Don?t Send Me Away" which seemed to catch the attention of the media, who drew compar

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