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In science, matter is commonly defined as the substance of which physical objects are composed, not counting the contribution of various energy or force-fields, which are not usually considered to be matter per se (though they may contribute to the mass of objects). Matter constitutes much of the observable universe, although again, light is not ordinarily considered matter. Unfortunately, for scientific purposes, "matter" is somewhat loosely defined. It can also be defined as a physical substance that has mass and volume. Definition In physics, there is no broad consensus as to an exact definition of matter. Physicists generally do not use the word when precision is needed, preferring instead to speak of the more clearly defined concepts of mass, energy and particles.A possible definition of matter which at least some physicists use Povh, Rith, Scholz, Zetche, Particles and Nuclei, 1999, ISBN 3540438238 is that it is everything that is constituted of elementary fermions. These a

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