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Master Musicians of Jajouka is an ancient musical group from the village of Jajouka near Ksar-el-Kebir in the Ahl Srif mountains in the southern Rif Mountains of northern Morocco. Background The Master Musicians of Jajouka's traditions have been passed down in a supposedly unbroken line of the Attar family of Jajouka, going back 4000 years. Before the Alaouite dynasty, the master musicians used to play in medieval times for sultans in their courts, travelling with them and announcing their arrival to villages and cities.Their first exposure to outsiders seems to have come through their introduction to the Beat generation. Painter Mohamed Hamri led artist Brion Gysin to the village to meet the group. Gysin became fascinated with the group's music and led writer William Burroughs to the village. Burroughs described it as the world's oldest music and the musicians as a "4000-year-old rock and roll band". In Tangier, Gysin founded the 1001 Nights restaurant, in which the musicians play

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