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Dubbed by many as the "early Ministry" before the industrial genre was defined circa 1985, Malhavoc's dark themed performance included now legendary stage antics of nude performance, body mutilation (scarification), punishment and persona characterization (MC J.C.).Band leader James C. has gone beyond his band's realm and on to collaborate on projects with Mötley Crüe, Monster Magnet, Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (Jakalope), Tool, Carole Pope (Rough Trade), Voïvod, Ariel and DJ gigs. Current and Former Members/Collaborators James Cavalluzzo, aka James C., aka MC J.C., aka Jimi LaMort, aka Da Jive Talkin' Robot Bryan Somerville Russ Manten John Carss, aka John C. Dave C. Rob Wright, aka Rob W. Chris "Skid" Scahill, aka Chris Steve Jelliman, aka Steve J. Dave Kiner Steve Crowhurst, aka Steve Krohurst Rob Sanzo Justin Small (of "Do, Make, Say, Think") Lee "Sick Dog" McCormack John Calabrese Stella Panaci Victor Rebello Dave Ogilvie Semper Fi Discography Official Re

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