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Malebolgia is the name of a fictional demon in the Spawn universe. He was the primary antagonist of the comic from issue 1-100 and was Spawn's master and one of the major Lords of Hell. Fictional character biography Thought to be the equivalent of Satan in the Bible, he is responsible for the creation of Spawn. It is eventually revealed that Malebolgia is one of Hell's many rulers, a being from the "Eighth Circle of Hell" who has been around for 70,000 years or so, forming an army in its war against Heaven and God. Satan himself was only recently revealed in the Spawn comics, Wanda's daughter (the twin to God, Wanda's son). It has been noted that Malebolgia was constantly at war with the rulers of the other spheres of Hell, as well as at odds with Mammon.Malebolgia is one of the few characters from Spawn who has made an appearance or a cameo in other Image books outside the core Spawn title and its spin-offs. He was notably absent, but was mentioned, during Chapel's rise to power

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