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In Greek society, effeminacy (Greek: – anandria; – malakia; Latin: mollites) was a term applied to men who were perceived as having the quality of unmanliness, softness or delicacy, shown by moral weakness, cowardice or a lack of perseverance. It was a condition of failure to live up to the ethical and social standards expected of a male citizen. It could also refer to races, cultures, and societies as a whole.The Greek word for an effeminate man is – malakos (literally "soft"), which is still used in modern Greek in that derogatory sense. Another Greek word for an effeminate man was – androgynos (the origin of English androgyny). It is made up of two Greek words: – an?r "man" and – gyn? "woman". It literally means "man-woman".The English word comes from the Latin, ex, meaning "out", and femina, meaning woman. It generally means "being like a woman" metaphysically. From classical antiquity, this meaning of effeminacy passed into Christianity

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