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See also List of Makams, maqamIn Turkish classical music, Mevlevi music, and some Mosque music, a system of melody types called makam (pl. makamlar) provides a complex set of rules for composing. Each makam specifies a unique intervalic structure (cinsler) and melodic development (seyir).Beken and Signell 2006 Whether a fixed composition (beste, ?ark?, pe?rev, âyin, etc.) or a spontaneous composition (gazel, taksim, Kuran-? Kerim, Mevlit, etc.), all attempt to follow the melody type.Turkish makam's closest relatives include maqam in Arab music and echos in Byzantine music. More distant modal relatives include those of Central Asian Turkic musics such as Uyghur music, muqam and Uzbek music, shashmakom. The raga of Hindustani (North Indian) classical music seems employ similar modal principles.. Some scholars find echos of Turkish makam in former Ottoman provinces of the Balkans.Shupo, Sokol, ed., Urban Music in the Balkans. Tirana:ASMUS, 2006 All of these concepts roughly correspond to

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