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Majster Kat is a thrash metal band from Bratislava, Slovakia.Music of Majster Kat is technical, with many melodic lines and frequent changing of moods. Biography Majster Kat was founded by Slymak (vocals) and Gabo (guitar) in 2001. In 2002, the original lineup was completed with Sigi (drums) and Los (lead guitar).In this line-up Majster Kat had a lot of concerts including the summer metal festivals in Slovakia and recorded its first demo record. In August 2004, after 2 years of seeking for a bass guitar player, Tapyr joined the band.The year 2005 is marked with a lot of member changing the band. Since 2006 the band has performed in formation Slymak (vocals), Los ( lead guitar), Lukas (guitar), Tapyr (bass) and Bubonix (drums).In this lineup the first album called Svätá zvrhlos? (in translation it means "Depravity of The Pious") was released in October 2007 under the Czech label Panda Music. Current members Slymák ? vocals Los ? lead guitar and backing vocals Luká? ? guitar

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