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Magic Voice is the voice of the Satellite of Love's computer on the science fiction/comedy TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000. She provides general announcements, like "commercial sign in 15 seconds", but occasionally participates in the dialog of the show's "host segments". Her personality implies a maturity somewhat lacking in the rest of the crew. She is a robot, as revealed in episode 424 "Manos" The Hands of Fate, when Joel temporarily gave her and the other bots a protocol module, making them think everything Joel said or did was absolutely brilliant.In episode 518 The Atomic Brain, Magic Voice "appeared" in a segment of her own, conversing with the disembodied voice of the narrator from the film. She also counselled Tom Servo about making out in episode 418 Attack of the the Eye Creatures and collaborated with Cambot to show Crow and Servo what life would be like if Mike had a different personality in episode 608 Code Name Diamond Head. At the end of season 7, Magic Voice be

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