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Madoc (Standard Welsh: Madog) ab Owain Gwynedd was a Welsh prince who, according to legend, discovered America in 1170, over three hundred years before Christopher Columbus's voyage in 1492. Madoc has been the subject of much historical speculation, but most scholars doubt that Madoc ever made a trip to North America, and some doubt that the prince even existed at all. Madoc's story and background Madoc's purported father, Owain Gwynedd, was a real Prince of Gwynedd during the 12th century, and is widely considered one of the greatest Welsh rulers of the Middle Ages. His reign was fraught by battles with other Welsh princes and with Henry II of England, and a bloody dispute broke out between his heirs Dafydd, Maelgwn, and Rhodri after he died. Owain had at least 13 children from his two wives, and several more born out of wedlock. According to the legend, Madoc and his brother Rhirid were among them, though no contempory record attests to this.Upon Owain's death in 1170, fighting bro

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