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F.u.r.y. Biography

Fury is a form of anger.Fury may also refer to:In fiction: Bryan Fury, video game character from the Tekken fighting game series. Fury , two superheroine characters. Fury , robot which battled Captain Britain and the X-Men. Nick Fury, Marvel Comics character and the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. In literature: Fury , 2001 Salman Rushdie novel. Fury , the seventh book in the Legacy of the Force series. The Fury , 1976 John Farris novel. In film and television: Fury , film starring Spencer Tracy. Fury , television series on NBC 1955-60, which starred Peter Graves. The Fury , 1978 Brian de Palma movie. Voyager), Season Six episode of Star Trek Voyager. In gaming: Fury , 3D fantasy competitive multiplayer online role-playing game that is developed by Auran. The Fury, Metal Gear Solid 3 character. Fury , a race that served as antagonists in the GBA game Super Robot Wars Judgement. Fury, Lulu's overdrive from Final Fantasy X. Fury, a computer game released for home comput

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F.U.R.Y.
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