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Funky Monkey is an episode of the cartoon Class of 3000. Plot Li'l D goes to the zoo to get footage of a gorilla for the Upper Class play "The Kong and I." There he meets Momo the gorilla, whom he spends some time playing the drums with. When Li'l D goes back to school, Momo follows him there. The class is forced to hide Momo, until the upperclassmen offer Li'l D the lead drumming part if they can use Momo as King Kong. Momo doesn't want to do this, so he runs away; Sunny Bridges, Philly Phil, and Li'l D go and round him up. Meanwhile, the upperclassmen use the rest of the class for other odd jobs, but the students soon get tired of being used and refuse to continue. Li'l D sees that Momo is tired of being used too, and gives him the drumming part. After the play, Momo becomes a musical attraction at the zoo. Song The song in this episode is "Banana Zoo". The song's animation is intentionally a little sloppier than the usual animation, and is in the scene of a forest with many

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